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What to expect

Do you think the taste of the wine is only part of the experience? So do we. When you’re drinking one of our producers wine's our goal is for you to learn about their vines, what they care about, and develop a relationship with them. Our portfolio carries all kinds of flavor profiles, grape types, and regions but there are a few things you can always expect.

Low Intervention

Our wines are never doctored in the winery. These vintners all believe in letting the grapes tell the story.

Small Production

Our producers make less than 5,000 cases of wine a year, focusing on quality, not quantity.


As a baseline, all of our vineyards are practicing a form of organic farming and focus on renewable sources for their vineyards.


Because each vineyard is such a small production, they’re always picked by hand with minimal use of machinery.

 V1 Producers

Domaine Mamaruta
Fitou, France

Domaine Mamaruta

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 10.06.22 AM
Veneto, Italy

Il Monte Caro

Nibiru Wine
Kamptal, Austria


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All of our producers are hard to find and not typically exporting. As such, we're on the road a lot searching them out. On our blog, we write about these remote travels, talk general wine education, and muse on the things we love - food, experiences, travel, and more. 
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